La Comida (The Food)


The Paella on the first day! It was DELICIOUS!!!

La Paella que j’ai manger la premier journée.  C’était SUPER bon!

Esta es la Paella que yo como en la primer día. Esta MUY bueno!!

This is baby fried octupus! I never thought I would eat that but yes I tried it and it was VERY good! It didn’t even taste fishy… : )

Cela son des bébés “octupus”. C’est different mais VRAIEMENT bon!!

Este es una comida que yo como en el primer  día esta MUY MUY bueno!!!


The first day of school, for lunch we went to this place next to the beach and the whole group ate PAELLA!

La premiére journée d’école, nous sommes allé mangé tous le groupe ensemble.

En el primer día del escuela, nosotros vamos al comer todos mundos del grupo por el PAELLA!


In Málaga, lunch is not like in Quebec… they eat small things like tapas

A Málaga, le diner n’est pas comme Quebec… il mange beaucoup de petits choses comme des tapas…

En Málaga, el almuerzo no es como en Quebec… ellos comen cosas pequeño como tapas…

However our host mom makes a little bigger lunches for us on the weekends because we eat later at night. Parcontre la fin de semaine, la mére fait un lunch un peu plus gros parce que nous mangeons le souper plus tard.

Here are some dishes she has made:


Warm salsa with tomato sauce and olive oil which you dip in with bread.

Salsa chaude avec de la sauce tomate avec de huile olive que tu trempe avec du pain.

Peach and Pear baguette sandwich… DELICIOUS!!! You slice up the pear and peach and you put it in the baguette… you will see ALOT of people eat this in the Málaga center.

Poire et Pêche baguette sandwich… DÉLICIEUX!!!

Mi Última Cena

On the last day my host mom cooked deep fried potatoes, jamón cerrano brushetta, y fried mixed potatoes.

Ma derniére journée la mére a fait des patates grillé, de la brushetta jamón cerrano, y patates brouillé frie.

En mi último día la madre de la casa a cocido patatas fritas, patatas fritas con mezclado y brushetta al jamón cerrano.

Patatas fritas y ella brushetta con jamón cerrano.

Patatas fritas mezclado.


11 Responses to La Comida (The Food)

  1. Super great! Glad to see you are being adventurous. It looks sooooooo good…ALL of it! Keep it coming!

  2. Sharon Klancaer says:

    Wow Morgan – good for you trrying Octupus! is your weather hot? How is school ?

    • massicottem says:

      I was hesistant at first to try it but it was good! It wasn’t that rubbery you wouldn’t have said it was octopus.
      The school is VERY nice and all the teachers are nice.
      The temperature is VERY HOT and they are just starting the HOT season so…. but there is air conditioning in the school so that is ok. : )

  3. Ryan says ” if you can eat octopus you can eat moose”…. guess what will be waiting for you : )

  4. What is your favourite food so far? Will you know how to make it when you come home?

  5. Get where??? Wow that “Spanish Lasagna” sounds really really good! Potatoes…ummmm!

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