Yesterday I went scuba diving for the first time in my life, it was AWESOME!! We went diving for 2 hours and a half, and went to depths between 6-7 meters. We saw many underwater animals like: squid, jellyfish, clown fish, starfish, crabs, coral (ALOT), and many seawater plants.

Hier, je suis aller faire de la plongé sumarine pour la premiére fois. Ce fu MERVELIEUX!!! Nous sommes allé à une profondeur de 6-7 metres. Nous avons vue beaucoups d’animals sumarine comme des crabes, étoiles marines, meduses, des corail (BEAUCOUPS) y los flores marine.

Ayer yo fue al busceo mar, nosotros fuemos al profundidades de 6-7 metros.Nosotros vemos muchas animales marine como: cangrejos, los flores marine, medusas, estrellas de mar, coral (MUCHA), pez payaso, y calamar.

Last check of the equipment before the diving.

Dernier check de l’équipment avant la plongée.

Ultimo check antes del busceo.

After the diving. Aprés la plongée. Depués el busceo.

There will be more pictures soon…. the underwater pictures… because the photograph can only send them on Monday…

Il va avoir plus de photos bientôt… des photos su l’eau… par contre seulement vers Lundi par ce que cela est quand il peut les envoyer…

Será otra fotos en otra día porque el fotografe no puede los enviar antes de lunes…


About massicottem

Hi my name is Morgan Massicotte. I am 16 years old, and I come from Quebec, Canada. I love travelling, and meeting new people.
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2 Responses to SCUBA DIVING

  1. Sharon Klancaer says:

    Hi good for you going scuba diving, made me remember when you went swimming with the dolphins! You have had some wonderful experiences, met some wonderful people. A great vacation. See you Soon, XX OO

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