MOM! : )

I was walking down the street and I start smelling CHIPS! Then right there was a POTATO CHIPS store… they make them there, it smelt SOOO good. It made me think of you mom and your Miss Vicky chips…

Je marchais dans la rue et je commence a sentir la senteur de CHIPS! Et je me retourne et il avait un magasin JUSTE DE CHIPS… il les fait là…



About massicottem

Hi my name is Morgan Massicotte. I am 16 years old, and I come from Quebec, Canada. I love travelling, and meeting new people.
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2 Responses to MOM! : )

  1. Trisha Klancar says:

    OMG! I see a new venture! Wow I hope you tried some…the picture looks AMAZING…I am sure I can smell them too..yumm yummm!

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