La Escuela

Here are some pictures of the school. The bottom part of the villa is for classes and the top part is for the residence. The backyard has an outside class, a kitchen, a mini-restaurant, couches and chairs to relax and ping-pong tables.







The restaurant is on the first floor of that building, which is located in the garden in the backyard.

Le restaurant est au premier étage de cette bâtise, qui est dans le jardin à l’arrière de l’école.

El restaurante es en el primer nivel de este edificio. La localicíon de este edificio es en el jardin en la parte trasera del escuela.

El patio trasera del escuela.

The backyard of the school.

L’arrière de l’école.


This is my spanish class, we have had SO much fun getting to know each other and certainly questioning random people in the street as our class work… I will never forget the wonderful memories you have given me!

Cela est mon groupe, nous avons eu BEAUCOUPS de fun ensemble. Je ne vais jamais vous oublier!

Esta es mi grupo, nosotros tuvimos MUCHAS tiempo magnifico. Yo no voy a nunca olvidaré los recuerdos que me han dado.



About massicottem

Hi my name is Morgan Massicotte. I am 16 years old, and I come from Quebec, Canada. I love travelling, and meeting new people.
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2 Responses to La Escuela

  1. Sharon Klancaer says:

    Great pictures , school and group looks nice and just a nice size group, I am sure you will miss them but just think of then the great time and wonderful people you have met. If you go scuba diving today have a great time. Your messages have been GREAT! Love Gramma

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