El Alcazaba and Castillo Gilbrafaro

The Alcazaba was a palace that belonged to the Moslem, it is MASIVE!!! There are a total of 3 protective walls… so technically this palace is fortified 3 times. The Alcazaba is mostly made of Limestone which is why it is crumbling and requires frequent rebuilding…

La Alcazaba est un palais qui est aux  Musulman, il est ÉNORME!!! Il y a 3 murs de protection. La Alcazaba est faite en mojorité de “Limestone” et cela est porquoi il est en train de briser et à souvant besoin de reparations…

El Alcazaba es un castillo del Muslim y esta es MUY GRANDE!!







However before the Alcazaba, we went to the Castillo Gilbrafaro, this castle dates from 1487. It also has a fortification like the Alcazaba and it has plenty of passages… YES we did get lost… Since it is in the mountains, you had to walk up… it was a HUGE HIKE up!!! It took us about 1hour to get up. But it was ALL worth it. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Parcontre avant d’aller a la Alcazaba, nous sommes aller a le Castillo Gilbrafaro. C’est MGNIFIQUE!! Ce château date autour de l’année 1487…

Nosotros somos al el Castillo Gilbrafaro antes del Alcazaba, pero por voy a aqui nosotros necesistar ir a marchar por una hora…


The view from the Castillo Gilbrafaro.

La vue de Le Castillo Gibralfaro.

Que nosotros vemos del Castillo Gibralfaro.




About massicottem

Hi my name is Morgan Massicotte. I am 16 years old, and I come from Quebec, Canada. I love travelling, and meeting new people.
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6 Responses to El Alcazaba and Castillo Gilbrafaro

  1. Lucie says:

    Bonsoir Morgan

    Les images sont magnifiques et je te remercie de tous les renseignements que tu donnes. La Mediterannee est si belle…

    En passant, Happy Canada day!!

    Aunty Lucie xx

  2. Teresa says:

    Woww!!! stunning pictures, enjoy!!

  3. Trisha Klancar says:

    Amazing history in Malaga…I am very jealous…thank you for all the interesting commentary..I can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures!

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