Montar a Caballo

Every week in the hall of the school they post up activities you can join to, some with a cost and some without. When I saw “Montar a Caballo” I said “I want to go horseback riding!!” since I have never gone…

Chaque semaine dans le hall de l’école ils mettent TOUT les activités qu’il font and tu peut tu joindre. Donc, quand j’ai vue qu’il avait une activité d’aller faire du cheval, je me suis dit pourquoi pas!

Cada semana en el entrada del escuela ellos metten todos los actividas que tu puedes hacer. Me decido montar a caballo.

It was a good idea and very fun except that it was about 33 degrees celcius and it is in the middle of the montains in the COMPLETE sun… I don’t have any sunburns, but it was VERY warm, since we rode the horse for about 4 hours. It was SUPER FUN!

L’idée de monter en cheval est bien mais quand il fait 33 degrées celsius et tu est dans le milieux des montagnes il fait CHAUD!!! Surtout quand tu le fait pendant 4 heures!

Ella idéa de montar en caballo esta MUY BIEN pero cuando el tiempo es como 33 grados centigrados… hace MUCHA CALOR!!!

We were a total of 6 people without the EF Person and there was 2 Caballo men…

Nous étions un total de 6 personne sans la personne de EF et il y’avait 2 personnes pour nous aidé avec les chevals…

Hay solamente 6 personas por montar en Caballo…

The name of the horse I had is Jardinera.

Le nom de le cheval que j’avais été Jardinera.

El nombre del camballo que yo tengo es Jardinera.

The horse-back riding was in another place… not quite sure about the name… but we had to take the bus to the centro de Malaga and then take the train. After the train someone picked us up and brought us to the horse stables.  So basically, the view was AMAZING, it was in the mountainous area and it was like we were in another world!

La vue d’oû nous sommes pour monter à cheval est MAGNIFICO!

Since we started around 6:30pm , we got to see the sunset, it was PERFECT!!!

À cause que nous avons commencer environ vers 6:30pm nous avons pu voir le coucher de soleil!!

Porque nosotros montar en caballo a la 6:30pm, nosotros peudemos ver el puesta del sol!!

This is a small video of what it was like… I warn you I did film this while galloping on a horse…

Ceci est un petit video de que cela à l’air… Je vous avertie je filmais ceci quand j’étais sur un cheval…

Esta es un video de qué es esta…. Yo advierto que yo rodajo este cuando yo soy sur el caballo…

I hope this link works! If not I have no clue how to put videos on this blog….


About massicottem

Hi my name is Morgan Massicotte. I am 16 years old, and I come from Quebec, Canada. I love travelling, and meeting new people.
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7 Responses to Montar a Caballo

  1. Lucie says:

    Quelle belle expérience pour toi Morgan, tu fais bien d’en profiter. Merci pour le partage de si belles images. C’est superbe.

    Continue ton beau voyage!

  2. Trisha Klancar says:

    Wow sure looks like fun! Great views…I can’t get the video to work, but at the computer in Florida, it might not have what is necessary, so don’t count on me as reference..
    Keep enjoying…especially the game tomorrow! Go Spain Go!

  3. Sharon Klancaer says:

    Wow, good for you Morgan I suppose next year you will want to go to the Calgary Stampede (ha). Happy Canada Day tomorrow and GOOD LUCK TO SPAIN against ITALY

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