Malága City

We visited the Malága city, it is SO nice, it has ALOT of character. It is like a maze, there is one main street Marqués de Larios and all other streets lead to this street. It is like a MAZE!!! The main street is with all the competitive shops and the street leading to the Marqués de Larios are less competitive stores… There are also many monuments which mark Malága such as:

Alcazaba, which is an old castle which was owned by the Arabs which boasts GREAT views and impecable architecture, I haven’t  gone in it yet I just saw it.

Alcazaba est un vieux château qui était au Arabe. Il est placé d’une tel façon que nous pouvons voir tout la ville et toute les plages!

El Centro de Malaga is basically the centre of the city, everything happens here! In El Centro de Malaga there is the Plaza de Merced. this is a MAJOR part of the centre of Malaga. It has ALOT of shops and everything is very nice. In the Plaza de Merced there is the street  Marqués de Larios.

Dans, El Centro de Malaga, tout ce passe! Dans cette place il y’a BEAUCOUPS de magasin et c’est trés beau. Dans El Centro de Malaga il y’a la Plaza de Merced qui a la rue Marqués de Larios.

The Theatre is in the city, it was discovered by accident when people digging to build a library hit rock and wondered what they hit, so they dug more and soon found out it was a Theatre.

Le Théatre est dans la ville de Malaga. Il était découvert par du monde qui creusait pour faire une bibliotéque. Maintenant c’est presque tout exposé pour que nous pouvons voir ceci.

And Last but not least the Malaga Cathedral. This cathedral is special because it has a part missing from the tower. The Cathedral is build in 3 different stages: the first being Gothic, then Renaissance, and then Boroc. It is not only the styles which changed but also the designers… they had a total of 3 people. The last designer ran out of money so the builders stopped building at the Church has stayed like that ever since.

La Cathédral de Malaga est TRÉS  spéciale il y a une partie de la tour qui n’est pas finie… cela est à cause de les personnes qui a crée tout cela. Il y a trois différents style pour la Cathédral: Gothique, la Renaissance et le Baroc. La tour n’est pas finis parce qu’il ont manqué d’argent.

Like you can see there is missing a part on the right…

Comme tu peux voir, il manque une partie sur la droite.

 As you can see a little bit here, the different styles dominate this Cathedral.

Comme tu peux voir, les différents styles dominent dans cette Cathedral.

These are just a few places I have visited… I have MUCH more to visit! : )      I will keep you posted!

Ces sont seulement quelques places que j’ai visité… j’en ai encore beaucoup à visité! : )    Je vais vous garder en tête de l’action!


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Hi my name is Morgan Massicotte. I am 16 years old, and I come from Quebec, Canada. I love travelling, and meeting new people.
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4 Responses to Malága City

  1. The history and architecture is beautiful..your pictures are wonderful!

  2. Teresa says:

    Preciosa Villa…Tere

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