Back at Home

I am about to start school again… but I can’t help but think how this summer was a GREAT summer! I lived an experiance of a lifetime and have UNBELIEVABLE memories which will last a forever.

Looking back I would have to say to people that are going to Malaga the 5 things they would HAVE to visit are:

1.Castillo Gilbrafaro: It is a REALLY long and windy road UP but is TOTALLY WORTH IT! You have UNBELIEVABLE views of the city, Plaza Del Toro, the Mediterranean Sea and an AMAZING Castle!

2. Malagueta Beach: The Malagueta Beach is a white sand beach and has a HUGE sign which says MALAGUETA which you can be photographed with… The water is a clear photogenic blue. The Malagueta beach is a must be experienced place.

3. Calle de Larios: If you LOVE shopping THIS is the Street for YOU, Calle de Larios has TONS of European shoping stores whether it be for clothes, shoes, purses, or even books!

4. Pablo Picasso Museam: Pablo Picasso Museaum is a must see…. Pablo Picasso was BORN in Malaga! It is a VERY nice museaum and has ALOT of Picasso’s artwork.

5. Mercado Atarazanas: This market has EVERYTHING; fruits, vegetables,bread, pastries, fish and even spices! This place is where you have a chance to mingle with the locals.


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Spain for the Win!!!

This is a video of the people of Malaga after the Euro Cup game!!!

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Montar a Caballo

This is the link to see the video of the horse back riding… sorry it is a little late but I just finally understood how to upload it on wordpress…

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Mercado Atarazanas

I went to the market on my last day in Malaga and it was CRAZY! There were people EVERYWHERE. Its name comes from where it stands today because it used to be Las Atarazanas (Workshop/Place of Manufacture). The architect Joaquín de Rucoba built the present building in the 19th century leaving only the marble door structure that had originally stood there.

Je suis allé au marché ma dernière journée à Malaga et c’était fou, c’était pleins de monde!! Le nom viens de ou il est, parce qu’où qu’il est était Las Atarazanas (place de travail). L’architeque Joaquín du Rucoba a construit cette place dans le19 siècle laissant seulement l’entrée de marble qui était originalement là.

En mi último día fue al Mercado de Atarazanas. El nombre de ese edificio se debe a que en su lugar estuvo un edificio llamado Las Atarazanas (que significa taller o lugar de fabricación). El actual edificio se construyó en el    siglo 19, por el arquitecto Joaquín de Rucoba, permaneciendo de la anterior edificación sólo la puerta, labrada en mármol.

The marble entrance.

L’entrée en marble.

Labrada en mármol.





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I want to thank…

I want to thank everyone that was a part of my experiance in Malaga and making it happen, also those who followed! This experiance was AMAZING!! Gracías EF Malaga por todos que tu me aprende y la experencia!!!
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MOM! : )

I was walking down the street and I start smelling CHIPS! Then right there was a POTATO CHIPS store… they make them there, it smelt SOOO good. It made me think of you mom and your Miss Vicky chips…

Je marchais dans la rue et je commence a sentir la senteur de CHIPS! Et je me retourne et il avait un magasin JUSTE DE CHIPS… il les fait là…


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Yesterday I went scuba diving for the first time in my life, it was AWESOME!! We went diving for 2 hours and a half, and went to depths between 6-7 meters. We saw many underwater animals like: squid, jellyfish, clown fish, starfish, crabs, coral (ALOT), and many seawater plants.

Hier, je suis aller faire de la plongé sumarine pour la premiére fois. Ce fu MERVELIEUX!!! Nous sommes allé à une profondeur de 6-7 metres. Nous avons vue beaucoups d’animals sumarine comme des crabes, étoiles marines, meduses, des corail (BEAUCOUPS) y los flores marine.

Ayer yo fue al busceo mar, nosotros fuemos al profundidades de 6-7 metros.Nosotros vemos muchas animales marine como: cangrejos, los flores marine, medusas, estrellas de mar, coral (MUCHA), pez payaso, y calamar.

Last check of the equipment before the diving.

Dernier check de l’équipment avant la plongée.

Ultimo check antes del busceo.

After the diving. Aprés la plongée. Depués el busceo.

There will be more pictures soon…. the underwater pictures… because the photograph can only send them on Monday…

Il va avoir plus de photos bientôt… des photos su l’eau… par contre seulement vers Lundi par ce que cela est quand il peut les envoyer…

Será otra fotos en otra día porque el fotografe no puede los enviar antes de lunes…

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